Glacier Lodge - Hungry Horse, Montana

Welcome to Advance Hope Couples Weekend 2023!

We are excited for you to join us as we ask God to renew our relationship with Him and with our spouse! We have been planning discussions, experiential activities, fun, laughter, and some practical tools for you to use in your relationship. We hope by attending this conference you will renew the hope, joy, and love in your marriage relationship and feel more emotionally connected with your spouse.

Although we hope there is something for each couple to take away that will bless their marriage, we want to clearly express this conference is not for marriages in crisis.

If you have questions or your marriage is in crisis, please contact us through Advance Hope Mental Wellness to schedule an appointment at 406-201-1616. 

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Glacier Lodge - Hungry Horse, Montana
Glacier Bible Camp - 400 5th St W - Hungry Horse, Montana
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